A Big Thank You to CommonTime CTO Nigel Mackrill

Today is a seminal day in the history of CommonTime LTD as one of the original founders Nigel Mackrill is set to retire from his post as CTO.

Nigel has played one of the most pivotal roles, if not the most pivotal role in the history and success of CommonTime since its formation in 1993. And his experience and skills will be sorely missed by all those that know him and have worked with him.

Nigel has had a varied and successful career prior to helping develop CommonTime, starting his  as an RAF electronics engineer for 8 years before moving on to several IT companies to develop the fledgling Mobile industry which would eventually formulate the idea for CommonTime. Nigel then served as Managing Director of CommonTime for 15 years before stepping into the CTO role to help develop the next stage of development for the company. This vision has been seen through to fruition with CommonTime mDesign now being one of the most developed and polished enterprise mobility solutions available. This is in no small part down to Nigel’s tireless efforts over a number of years to ensure that CommonTime remains at the forefront of the industry.

Nigel will now divide his time between his wife, children, grandchildren and developing yet another new idea in conjunction with his son.

I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank Nigel for not only his efforts which allow a person such as myself to have such an interesting and exciting job but also for his always interesting and insightful company during my time working with him. These are thoughts I’m sure are echoed by all members of the CommonTime team both past and present.

Nigel’s experience and personality will certainly be missed but I’m sure he would agree with me saying that the best way to honour his tremendous efforts are to continue in the same spirit and to ensure that said efforts are rewarded appropriately.

We all wish you the best Nigel and most of all

Thank You


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