MOBEX Event for Mobile Enterprise in the Housing Industry – July 2011

CommonTime recently exhibited at the Mobex events in both Wigan and Chelsea to professionals from the Housing sector.  These events presented CommonTime with the opportunity to demonstrate our new product CommonTime mDesign, to potential customers with a mobile enterprise need.

CommonTime mDesign is a complete Enterprise Mobility Solution. It was created to resolve the most common issues in mobile application development: the development of integrated applications in a rapid manner and the ability to future-proof your applications by means of portability across platforms. 

At Mobex, we were able to demonstrate working applications to professionals and show them how to build cross platform Mobile Applications which meet individual business process needs. 

Two key findings were identified from Mobex, the readiness and need for Mobile enterprise within the Housing sector and the ability of CommonTime mDesign to resolve the majority of these needs in a manner that many other organisations are unable to.

There were three common issues within the industry which came up frequently; the first was the uncertainty of which devices the organisations should use. This is one of the reasons why CommonTime mDesign is a great solution for organisations with this issue, as it works across a number of devices preventing the organisation from being restricted in their device selection. The second common issue was the need to implement Mobile Enterprise solutions quickly and on budget. Once more this is one of the major advantages of CommonTime mDesign, as it enables organisations to construct and implement mobile applications 80% faster than traditional methods saving both time and money.  The final issue we encountered was the lack of resources within certain organisations to create the applications, especially across multiple platforms. Once more CommonTime mDesign is the perfect solution for these organisations because it has been designed around the business process not the IT infrastructure required. CommonTime mDesign Studio uses a logical, drag and drop, Business Process Flow model to focus on providing the Mobile Enterprise solution, rather than constraining the solution around the IT coding skills that are available within the organisation. 

We spoke to individuals from various differing aspects of the Housing Industry who all had differing needs and expectations from Mobile Enterprise. What became apparent was that, despite the differences in need, CommonTime mDesign was able to meet and each of their requirements which illustrates how flexible and expandable the product can be.

Much like previous years, Mobex 2011 demonstrated the need within the Housing sector for Mobile Enterprise and that organisations have an ever expanding understanding of how processes can be improved by implementing solutions such as CommonTime mDesign.

To find out more about CommonTime mDesign please visit the CommonTime website at or contact the sales team on U.K: 0845 009 0028 USA: 866 706 0609 (toll-free)

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