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Comment, discussion and analysis of enterprise mobility trends from industry-leading experts.

Discover the latest opinion, thinking and industry comment from our dedicated enterprise mobility experts. Forward thinking by nature, the CommonTime blog is the place to learn about process-driven design, the latest technology and solutions to the most challenging enterprise problems.

Single Patient Opt-Out: The WhatsApp Problem

Published on July 12 of last year in response to Dame Fiona Caldicott’s national data guardian review, a...

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[Report] The Impact of Instant Messaging Apps in the NHS

Delivering a high standard of care relies on effective frontline communication. Recent headlines have...

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5 Minute Walkthrough: Clinical Messaging

Clinical Messaging has been designed to empower clinical and healthcare support staff with a secure,...

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Introducing Clinical Messaging for Healthcare Teams

In healthcare settings, clinicians are at the frontline of delivering patient care and are under constant...

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5 Minute Walkthrough: Intelligent Paging for Emergencies

Intelligent Paging for Emergencies is designed to enable clinical and administrative staff to rapidly...

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[Interview] Exploring the Future of Messaging as a  Platform

From simple SMS to feature-rich IM applications and even collaboration enabling tools - the concept of a...

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Can the NHS App Library Encourage Self Service Care?

In today’s society, we can observe a growing dependence on public healthcare services with more strain...

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Reflections & Observations from BCI World 2017

Well, what a couple of days it’s been at the BCI World 2017 conference in London. This was a first for the...

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CommonTime to Exhibit at BCI World 2017

On November 7th 2017, CommonTime will unveil an early preview of our new Crisis Centre mass notification...

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