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5 Minute Walkthrough: Intelligent Paging for Teams

Intelligent Paging for Teams is revolutionary new way to communicate time-critical and urgent messages to individuals, groups or all staff. Designed for ease-of-use, it takes seconds to deliver crucial information to employees across a wide estate or multiple sites.

As highlighted in our product overview, Intelligent Paging enables two-way communication between switchboard and front-line employees. With configurable response options, message recipients can acknowledge or reply to messages with a single tap, ensuring that administrative users are able to plan effectively next steps.

In this short video, our experts demonstrate how simple and intuitive Intelligent Paging can be; setting up and publishing messages under two different test circumstances, as well as showcasing the real-time tracking capabilities of the system.

Instant Mobile Alerts and Broadcasts

There are two distinct aspects of the Intelligent Paging system that are demonstrated in this video - the mobile app and the desktop console. The mobile app is used by staff members to receive and respond to messages. Once downloaded to a device, users are able to log in via an Active Directory (or other) integration.

After a user has logged in, the app continues to run in the background, using minimal battery, waiting for a message to be received. The app will continue to run in the background even if the app itself has been closed or the device is asleep. When a message is received, the Intelligent Paging app wakes the device and alerts the user with a full screen notification. Every notification includes crucial information such as message type, priority, a rich text description and multimedia attachments.

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"Intelligent Paging ensures staff never miss an urgent alert with persistent, un-missable notifications."

Importantly, in addition to waking devices from a sleep state, Intelligent Paging notifications are also capable of temporarily changing native settings such as volume to ensure that vital messages are never missed.

Users can respond to alerts with a single tap. Pre-configured response options are sent with notifications to users, ranging from simple acknowledgements to polling options that gauge how soon individuals can attend to an incident. Messages are cleared as soon as a response is provided and the app returns to a standby state.

A Powerful Desktop Console

Administrative users and switchboard staff have access to a powerful desktop console that is capable of both sending messages and receiving real-time responses from user devices - broken down in an easy-to-read dashboard.

To send a new message from the console is easy. Users simply select the 'New Message' option, choose who to send it to and edit the content. Messages can be sent to individuals, pre-defined groups or broadcast to all staff depending on the situation.

When editing the content of a message, administrative staff can choose an alert type and severity, which will dictate the colour and visual style of the alert that users will receive. Rich text can be added to describe the reason for the message, and multimedia attachments such as voice recordings, images or maps can be added to provide extra detail.

Finally, before a message is sent, response options must be selected. These will be presented to the recipients, providing them with a choice of how to respond. These can be inserted from a pre-configured template or input manually when required. Response options can range from a single 'Acknowledgement' for when it is important that staff simply read a message, to advanced polling options that provide recipients to state whether they are able to attend to an incident or not.

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"Carefully considered polling options are vital to understanding staff situations in an emergency."

Once the message has been sent, delivery statuses and responses are collected in a real-time dashboard that provides users with an immediate overview of who has received and responded to a message - along with the individual polling options selected. This immediate intelligence ensures that switchboard operators are able to plan their next steps accordingly. From attempting to reach those who have not responded, to pushing the alert out to additional members of staff - every decision can be taken safe in the knowledge that it is the best course of action based on a complete picture of the situation.

Find out more about the advantages of Intelligent Paging for Teams and how it can streamline healthcare communications by unlocking new efficiencies and cost savings.

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