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Crisis Centre - A Reliable, Secure Mass Notification System

The future of mass notification is mobile and it is personal. Every company has a duty of care to safeguard employees from harm, no matter where they are in the world. However, this has become increasingly challenging as organisations expand across borders in a global economy.

From remote working to the rolling momentum of a sharing economy - the days of a single site organisation are numbered. Crisis communication and mass notification systems must adapt, with the capacity to protect employees from natural disasters, harmful situations and imminent danger. Compounding these challenges is the growing number of communication channels available to staff, as well as a steadily increasing number of messages.

Cutting through this noise is the single most pressing challenge facing crisis communication teams today. And it is exactly what Crisis Centre has been designed to do.

Introducing Crisis Centre

In emergency situations, reliability, adaptability and speed of communication are key to co-ordinating an effective response. However, relying on traditional communication channels alone can be counterproductive to this goal, extending acknowledgement and response times.

Crisis Centre is an end-to-end emergency notification system, developed by CommonTime to enable business continuity and disaster recovery teams to instantly notify and account for employees during disruptive events or major emergencies.

Built for speed and simplicity, alerts can be sent from the dashboard in seconds. Messages - including rich text, audio recordings and multimedia - are delivered to selected individuals, groups or broadcast to all staff depending on the situation. Pre-configured templates and response options can be created in advance to drastically reduce the length of time messages take to create.

Once a message has been sent, all users receive a persistent mobile alert through the Crisis Centre app. Dynamic workflows handle communication with offline users and non-responders, utilising a multi-channel approach that encompasses individual devices as well as local and wide area networks.

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"Crisis Centre sends persistent, un-missable alerts that significantly reduce response times."

Delivery statuses and responses are presented on a real-time visual dashboard, enabling administrators to make intelligent decisions and effectively co-ordinate resources. Full audit logs are retained after every incident for analysis, as well as legal & compliance requirements.

A Robust, Dedicated Console

Individual communication platforms such as telephone and email are not sufficient for emergency communication. When an incident occurs, affected staff must be notified immediately to minimise business disruption.

The Crisis Centre system comprises of a mobile alerting app for installation on employee devices and a dedicated console. Through this closed eco-system, business continuity and disaster recovery teams can quickly create and send urgent notifications to individuals, which are received on mobile devices as persistent, pager-style alerts.

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"A closed eco-system enables business continuity teams to quickly alert staff to dangerous situations."

A real-time dashboard provides live delivery status and response data to system users. Once closed, incidents are retained by the console, ensuring full communication logs can be audited and recorded.

Together, these elements enable business continuity and disaster recovery teams to spring into action the moment a major incident occurs - confident in the knowledge that vital information will be delivered to all affected users.

Discover how Crisis Centre is revolutionising the mass notification lanscape with persistent, un-missable alerts. Download the brochure today.

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