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Introducing Intelligent Pager Replacements

In high pressure environments, the way in which people respond to critical events can often determine the outcome. That's why Intelligent Paging from CommonTime is designed to relay vital information to staff when they need it, no matter where they are. 

It is well known that legacy communication systems such as pagers are woefully unequipped to deal with the demands of modern enterprise and clinical environments. In fact, may not only be ineffective, but costly too. The UC Buyer highlights three ways in which hospitals are funding clinical improvements by replacing pagers. 

In the article, it is suggested that hospitals could save up to 75% of the cost of paging, simply by switching to smartphone enabled alternatives. But the benefits extend far beyond cost savings alone. Watch our short, three-minute introduction to Intelligent Paging to see how a secure, two-way communication system could benefit your organization.

A Flexible Paging Solution

We recognise that pagers are still widely used in both a clinical and enterprise environment due to their reliability and ease-of-use. So we've ensured that our Intelligent Paging solution is not only reliable (with cloud and on-premise installation options), but also simple to operate.

Additionally, Intelligent Paging systems are customisable to your organisation's exact needs. We can tailor any system to match your teams, departments and locations - as well as including custom message types and priorities.

So, rather than meeting 80% of your operational and IT requirements, Intelligent Paging solutions from CommonTime provide the opportunity to integrate with or design your ideal workflow. Our technology works with your existing infrastructure to streamline processes and improve efficiency across communication channels.

Intelligent Paging offers five key benefits to organisations, above and beyond what traditional legacy systems have been able to accomplish. These include:

  • Enabling two-way communication to track responses, meaning administrators can see who has received alerts, when they were received and replies
  • Distribution of messages to individuals, groups or all staff - including location specific personnel in order to reduce alert clutter for non-relevant individuals
  • The ability to send rich media such as image, video, audio and document attachments in any message
  • Supporting health & safety or auditing investigations with full historical logs of activity, accessible by governance teams when required

Join the Intelligent Paging Revolution

There's no better time to upgrade to Intelligent Paging. As Vodafone seek to withdraw their pager business, Capita's Page One will be the only remaining pager service provider in the UK. This move comes after a proposed sale of the business to Capita, which was halted for investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority, which stated that "After the merger, customers could face price rises and reduced quality of coverage.”

So switch today to see how the new generation of  Intelligent Paging can make a difference to your organisation. Our expert team of developers, integration experts and consultants are here to ensure your investment is a success. Contact our team today to find out more.

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Posted by Chris Martin

Chris is a digital marketer who strongly believes in the power of creating memorable customer experiences. He proactively drives digital strategy and content production at CommonTime.