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Comment, discussion and analysis of enterprise mobility trends from industry-leading experts.

Discover the latest opinion, thinking and industry comment from our dedicated enterprise mobility experts. Forward thinking by nature, the CommonTime blog is the place to learn about process-driven design, the latest technology and solutions to the most challenging enterprise problems.

5 Minute Walkthrough: Intelligent Paging for Teams

Intelligent Paging for Teams is revolutionary new way to communicate time-critical and urgent messages to...

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[Interview] Improving Business Continuity with Mobile Apps

A disaster recovery strategy lives and dies on the efficiency of communication between command centres and...

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The Role of Critical Event Management & Communication

Following reports this weekend about washed out festivals, it becomes apparent that the need for critical...

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The Future of Communication - Can Email be Replaced?

Communication is constantly changing, there is no doubt about that. There are now more ways than ever to...

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Introducing First Response for Volunteer Lifesavers

Volunteer lifesavers are a vital aspect of the emergency services ecosystem. These individuals are often...

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The Need for Intelligent Enterprise Communications

The way in which we communicate is changing. Over the past 30 years, mobile devices have assimilated many...

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The Difference Between UI and UX

In in the world of design and development, UI and UX are used interchangeably. However, there is an...

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The Pager: A 100 Year History in Brief

Long before the invention of the smartphone – even the feature phone – pagers were a common method of...

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[Interview] The Benefits of Mobile Tech in the Public Sector

The public sector needs to adopt mobile technology. From local government services right through to...

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